A lot of phenomena into the molecular properties of water are nonetheless not totally understood and they are being actively researched. After all, we're coping with complex nano-scale molecular interactions between water (H 2 O), the varied building materials, and different complicated chemical compounds together with ground salts. Research has sh… Read More

This methodology can provide a particularly effective barrier to rising damp, however is not broadly used as it requires skilled contractors to carry out if structural motion is to be prevented and takes considerably longer to put in than other forms of rising damp treatment. The value can be a number of instances greater than for other types of ri… Read More

And do by no means believe in rising damp and any remedies in opposition to this hoax. That both might be best for your house and your purse. stones for foundatations. Thus the previous constructing masters established walls, which provided no prospects to the ascending dampness. Roger makes use of certainly one of his favorite merchandise for trea… Read More